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This page lists the most frequently asked questions.


What is anatomical-pathology?

What is the role of the pathologist?

Are you a medical biology laboratory?

What collections are sent to the pathologist?

How are collections handled?

What is an extemporaneous examination?

To whom is the examination report addressed?

Your results

Why haven't I received my results?

I am concerned because the examination of my collection is not finished yet.

Can I get the results by phone or e-mail?

Has my physician received my results?

I have sent my universal health insurance certificate or long-term certificate but I have not yet received my results.

Why the results of an anatomopathological examination are not available on the same day?

How can I have my results retrieved from your services by a trusted third person?

Can I have a copy of my examination report?

Invoice and Payment

How do I proceed with my payment?

I am 100% covered or have universal health coverage. What should I do?

What are the shipping fees?

Why am I receiving a fee note when I have already paid for my consultation?

Why did I receive several fee notes for the same collection?

Where can I find my reference number to pay online?

Why do I have to pay an overrun fee?

Can I pay with a credit card on the phone?

Get my refund

I just paid. Will I receive something to get refund?

Why don't you practice third-party payment like medical analyses laboratories?

To whom should the healthcare form be sent?

I have not received my healthcare form.

How to obtain a duplicate of the healthcare form?

Do I need a prescription to get refund?

Why was I only refunded a portion of the expenses incurred?